Public Opinion: Best Overall Baby Breathing Monitor Available Today

Published: 21st June 2011
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Have you heard of the Snuza Halo?

You may or may not know that the Snuza Halo is number one of a variety of baby care items, manufactured by Biosentronics. They only had one thing in mind when this product was designed; complete mobile monitoring of your baby's movement. It is extremely lightweight at only 30 grams. The baby feels no disturbance as the Snuza Halo is so small that it is clipped onto the waistband of the diaper.

By placing the Snuza Halo in the proximity of the abdomen, every movement from baby will be monitored. By attaching the device in this area, you are also creating the least disturbance for any other siblings the baby may be sleeping with. The potential for false alarms in minimized when the Snuza Halo is positioned in this way, as all of baby's breathing movements are being monitored.

Also equipped with a vibrating option, which we believe to be a first of its kind for Snuza Halo. With the ability to automatically activate when there is a 15 second period of no movement from baby, the device will wake baby up. This is the forward thinking from the company, when they create a product that not only alerts you when baby stops moving, it also attempts to rouse baby into breathing again.

Also the Snuza Go

Another of the range of baby movement monitor products from Biosentronics. Apart from being a portable unit, there are some other differences between the Snuza Go, and the Halo.

One of the differences is the fact that with the Go, you can adjust the timer. The 15-20 second timer limit can be increased or decreased at leisure. If you wanted to have the unit set at 16 seconds, you can.

The Snuza Go does not have the functionality to try to wake baby. If you would prefer to intervene immediately the alert is sounded, then this could be the better choice of baby movement monitor for you.


This unit would certainly be the most renowned amongst the range of under-mattress movement monitors. Recent reports would suggest that this brand is very close to a real apnoea monitor you would find in a hospital.

The angelcare brand also includes a unit for the nursery. This device acts as the power plant where you would set all of the settings. Another portable transceiver known as the parents unit, will be included too. The sensory pads required for under the mattress, are a part of the initial package also.

On this Angelcare device you will see some supplementary features added. The accompanying nursery unit has an attached room thermometer. What this does is sound an alert when the room temperature moves outside a pre-configured temperature range that you can set. You will also see that the designers have installed a night light that will light up if you need to attend to baby in the darkness of the night.

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